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Your cup of tea is to calm your nerves and lower your stress level

Passion Flower Tea is a very good antidote to calming your nerves and lowering your stress.  Peppermint and Chamomile tea are also traditional soothing tea remedies.  Adding a dash of Valerian (root herb) also can add the extra soothing ingredient to lower tension and anxiety.   Take a cup of these teas and you will feel calmly refreshed and relieved from the daily aches and pains of life.


What Tea provides the best reduction of the risk of liver disease

New tea consumption studies indicate evidence of tea’s contributions to healing and anti aging properties. The green teas commonly offer cancer prevention and treatments, in addition to the reduction of the risk of liver disease and the high level of polyphenols which are recently famous for the antioxidant activity.  Such as the Green Anji ….The name translates to “safety and prosperity,” a gentle reminder of Green Tea’s health benefits.

Green Anji


The most common cure for aches and pains found in your spice cabinet …Turmeric

When in doubt use a common herb in your cabinet, Turmeric…the curer of all kinds of body pains and aches.  If you have a favorite tea such as ….. sprinkle a bit of Turmeric and you will soon become pain free and with a vigor for your activities for the day!


Strengthen your ligaments

Did you know….Carrot Juice is the most potent beverage to strengthen your ligaments.  Try some Carrot Cake Rooibos Tea to strengthen your ligaments and feel good and healthy for your excercise routine…


Stiff and aching muscles

Apple cider can soothe aching muscles by rubbing hot vinegar apple cider on the skin service of the muscle area before bedtime has been a beneficial result in reducing your pains and stiffness in your muscles.  Adding a nice cup of Apple Black tea or even get fancier with a Candy Apple Black will get you cheered up and feeling good!


What Tea is a good remedy for your Aches & Pains

An excellent remedy is a tea with bananas or cherries these two fruits are very good in decreasing the aches and pains in your muscles and joints.  Bananas provide the strength for your muscles and grease your joints for your active life.

A fresh banana with a cup of Kyoto Cherry Rose Sencha is often the ticket for a quick breakfast to get you on your way and keep you young and spry in your active life carefree of misery and aches or pains.  Soothes the soul and makes you feel fresh, happy and energetic… Or try the herbal remedy if you wish, Dewy Cherry Herbal tea this is another invigorating tea with a great herbal twist to it and will get you pumped for your day!


Go Paraguay…Win the World Cup!! …Keep on Drinking Terere the magic potion!!!

The Paraguayan team has the secret…TERERE
The cold Mate refreshing and energy boost hydrating beverage. They are attributing their success so far to this wonderful beverage. We wish them all the greatest success and hope they win all the way….ParaGaucho for ever!!!
check this link out: http://g.sports.yahoo.com/soccer/world-cup/blog/dirty-tackle/post/An-explanation-The-special-beverage-fueling-Par?urn=sow,253000


What Teas are good for curing Kidney Stones

Celery Seed and Watermellon Seed Tea. Both have a high amount of potassium and organic sodium that help to rid the body of waste material by stimulating various internal organ s such as the kidneys and bowels.